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Rosacea Your Self Help Guide by Arlen Brownstein

Rosacea Your Self-Help Guide was authored by Arlen Brownstein, M.S., N.D.  and Donna Shoemaker, C.N. and was published by Harbinger Publications, Inc.  My copy was printed in 2001 and I acquired it a few years ago.
Arlen Brownstein M.S., N.D., is a Naturopathic Physician who has a masters degree in nutrition from the University of Connecticut. The book is co-authored by Donna Shoemaker, C.N., who is a Certified Nutritionist with her degree from the American Health Sciences University.
First off, I must say that Rosacea Your Self Help Guide by Arlen Brownstein is great. It really helps define what is Rosacea, gives … Continue reading

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