Rosacea Treatments

Rosacea Treatments that Work

Rosacea can be a tough disorder to treat for a number of reasons. First, it’s a chronic skin ailment, one that leads to a variety of problems, including redness of the face, pimples, thickening, and inflammation and / or burning of the skin, and even in some cases a distortion of the shape of the nose. Even trickier from a treatment perspective is the fact that every person’s case of rosacea is at least somewhat different from every other person’s case; like the common cold, there’s no one surefire way of eliminating this condition. What you need to do if you suspect you have rosacea is see your doctor right away.

Don’t wait for the condition to worsen. And take heart knowing there are a number of rosacea treatments that work. Your doctor will be able to prescribe a treatment or combination of treatments that will help you manage your problem and reduce and eventually eliminate its effects.

If your doctor determines you have only a mild case of rosacea, then he or she may prescribe a topical ointment or cream, or perhaps suggest an over the counter cream. The best creams for rosacea are those that will cool down, clean and moisturize your face, and maybe even supply it with vitamins and minerals. Creams that are non-fragrance and made up of natural and organic ingredients are preferable as well.

Another of the many rosacea treatments that work is an oral antibiotic, which again could be either over the counter or prescription. In addition to creams or antibiotics, your doctor may also suggest you take an aspirin daily, as aspirin can greatly reduce the pain and burning sensations that often accompany a bout of rosacea.
 Rosacea Treatments that Work

If you have a strong or advanced case of rosacea, or if you try a course of treatment involving topical agents or oral medications and find they don’t work, your doctor may tell you your best bet is to undergo laser therapy.

This kind of therapy, one of the most effective of all the rosacea treatments that work, will require you to show up for several sessions, usually three full laser sessions and a few touch-up sessions. During these sessions, a laser will penetrate the surface of your skin and blast the blood vessels that have dilated and resulted in your rosacea condition.

Once these tiny blood vessels are under control once again, the redness and pimples and whatever other effects of rosacea you’re suffering from will begin to clear up, and although you may experience some swelling of the face immediately after your laser sessions, you won’t be in pain and you shouldn’t suffer any major adverse effects. Be sure you have a highly qualified and respected medical professional performing your laser treatment, however.

Also remember that’s its crucial if you’re recovering from rosacea that you wear sunscreen whenever you’re going to be exposed to the sun for any prolonged period of time. Nothing can worsen the effects of rosacea the way sunlight can.

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As a longtime Rosacea Sufferer I’ve tried many treatments and I share my experience in hopes that it can help others control their Rosacea Flare-ups.

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  1. What type of laser treatment did you get? Example: IPL
    Do you still get flair ups or is it cured?

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