Rosacea Treatments

Rosacea Treatments - Facial Cleansers, Topical Gels, Rx OralRosacea Treatments:

As a Rosacea sufferer you may come to realize that it’s just about impossible to prevent breakouts completely. Topical gels and facial cleansers are fantastic Rosacea Treatments. A simple prescription cleanser with green tea treats my Rosacea. I have used many topical rosacea treatments, Oral rosacea treatments and natural rosacea treatments.  I have been contemplating Rosacea Laser Treatments and if I go forward with them I will document my experience in a blog.

Since some of the Rocasea treatments I discuss here require a prescription, you will most likely need to see a dermatologist to get one.  Some of the Oral  prescription medications Rocacea Treatments I’ve personally tried are: Minocycline (110mg), Doxycycline (100mg), and Oracea (low dose Doxycycline, time release).

Some of the Topical prescription medications Rocacea Treatments I’ve personally tried are:  Metrogel .75 (now available in 1%), Finacea (azelaic acid) Gel 15%, Prascion cleanser, and Sumaxin.

At last count I have been on and off Oral Rosacea Treatments (Rx Anti-biotics) for at least 10 years. The quick relief from the redness and pain kept me taking them whenever I had an outbreak. Within a few days I would see a noticeable difference, especially, relief from the angry pustules.

Rocacea is not an infection but the antibiotics seem to help diminish the inflammatory response of Rosacea. I have recently reduced the use of antibiotics due to “leaky gut syndrom” and according to my nutritionist excessive yeast in my body which is causing gastrointestinal upset (I’ve felt bloated for over a year).

Part of my Rosacea Treatment discovery includes eliminating foods that irritate and trigger Rosacea Flareups. I’ve started an elimination diet and began eliminating all Gluten and Dairy products. So far this has allowed me to stop taking oral antibiotics which much greater frequency.

My current daily Rosacea Treatment Regime includes:

  • Morning and evening facial wash with Sumaxin (I may also alternate Pracion or Plexion in the evening a few times a week).  I used Pracion for 5 years and it worked well, but Sumaxin is new (more expensive) but is similar with added Green Tea and a nicer feel and smell.
  • Morning and evening after facial cleans: Apply small amount of Finacea to nose and cheeks.  Apply Acanya to any pustules (when necessary).
  • Morning: At least 15 – 30 minutes after Finacea is absorbed I apply a Neutrogena Ultra Sheer® Dry-Touch Sunblock – 70 SPF *
  • Morning: If I have a lot of redness, after sunblock is absorbed I apply a layer of Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion.
  • Evening with Dinner (oral dose of Oracea) if Rosacea is flaring up (take for 7 – 10 days if necessary).
  • NOTE: After giving up Gluten and Dairy for 3 months I no longer need oral treatments.
  • I would also recommend trying Revitol Rosacea Treatment as this helps reduce redness.

I also avoid alcohol (especially Vodka), although if I want a drink with friends I find Tequila does not trigger flare-up as much as Vodka.  I used to drink more often (2 – 3 drinks every weekend) which caused repeated breakouts. I rarely drink today. Wine is a major trigger and I avoid wine altogether.

I also try to avoid red meat, white flour, white sugar and most simple sugars and simple carbohydrates. I avoid all Gluten products. I substitute Almond or rice flour in recipes. I found that dairy was also an issue and have eliminated all dairy products (no milk, no cheese, no yogurt, no ice cream). This was not easy, but I have found alternatives that I can still enjoy. I will post blogs with recipes as I really missed yogurt and ice cream.

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