Rosacea Your Self Help Guide by Arlen Brownstein

Rosacea Your Self-Help Guide was authored by Arlen Brownstein, M.S., N.D.  and Donna Shoemaker, C.N. and was published by Harbinger Publications, Inc.  My copy was printed in 2001 and I acquired it a few years ago.

Arlen Brownstein M.S., N.D., is a Naturopathic Physician who has a masters degree in nutrition from the University of Connecticut. The book is co-authored by Donna Shoemaker, C.N., who is a Certified Nutritionist with her degree from the American Health Sciences University.

First off, I must say that Rosacea Your Self Help Guide by Arlen Brownstein is great. It really helps define what is Rosacea, gives you the basics including some of the older treatments options (this was over a decade ago), it helps make sense of the condition and how to go about figuring out your own triggers. Arlen also talks about stress management, makup, nutrition, and other good points.

Why did I take over Rosacea World:

I have been suffering with Rosacea for over 15 years. For the last 5 years all the doctors I went to were prescribing all sorts of antibiotics, topical gels and facial cleaners. Up until 2 years ago I was able to keep my Rosacea under control.

For the first 5 years, doctors didn’t properly diagnose me. Some said it was a staff infection, others had no idea. They cultured the pustules and tried everything.  Over the course of the last 20 years starting in my late 20’s I must have seen over a half dozen different dermatologists.  A few years ago I found a local dermatologist that diagnosed my condition as Rosacea and later found this book.

I believe this site was originally intended to become a community of Rosacea patients with some type of forum. My guess is it never really got off the ground.  In 2009 I noticed that the site was no longer online and  had broken links.  Since I have Rosacea and I’m in the internet business I decided to purchase the expired domain to tell my story in hopes that it helps others in the spirit of what the author originally intended.

While it is not an open forum right now, I will be posting a lot of content and blogs where people can comment and ask questions. Hopefully others will chime in and respond.  If you would like to be an author on Rosacea World, please contact me.

Please note that I’m not selling any products on this web site; no books, no potions, no pills, no make-up, no beauty secrets. The only thing you will see are third party advertisements (typically from Google or another advertiser) in an effort to help defray the cost of hosting and running the web site. All the information on the site will be free of charge. No memberships, no pop-ups, no opt-in forms or trials of any kind.

All I ask is that you respect one another and do not leave unnecessary comments. If you like what you read and the information contained on this web site is helpful, please enjoy it, share it, and tell your friends.  If you see an interesting advertisement on this web site, by all means, please check it out to help support us!


Rosacea Your Self Help Guide

Rosacea Your Self Help Guide


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