Identify Rosacea with Rosacea Pictures

If you don’t know what rosacea is, or you suspect you have this disorder and want to compare your symptoms to the symptoms of other rosacea patients, it can be helpful to jump on the Internet and check out some photos. Indeed, perhaps the easiest way identify rosacea is with rosacea pictures.

What you’ll probably notice first from looking at a photo of a patient with rosacea is the redness of the face, as though the entire face, or large patches of it, were sunburned. You may see bloodshot eyes. There might also be pimples or little bumps, called pustules, dotting the entire face or significant portions of it. And if that person’s nose looks swollen and round, it’s probable that this patient is suffering from an effect of rosacea called rhinophyma, a distortion of the nose caused by extra tissue that’s been building up there.

Looking at photos of people suffering from rosacea on the Internet can provide benefits. Sometimes people who come down with rosacea feel embarrassed by their appearance.


They might retreat from social occasions because they don’t want anyone to see the way their faces look. When you see other people with the same condition, however, it can help you realize that there’s nothing shameful about this condition at all, and that as a rosacea patient you’re in good company. If these people with rosacea are willing to pose for strangers on the Internet, maybe that will help give you the courage to return to work or hang out with friends again. Also, before and after photos – photos of people with rosacea in full bloom and then those same people after they’ve undergone successful treatment for the condition – can offer encouragement and help you realize that your face can be restored to its natural beauty.

As a final warning, you shouldn’t simply try to identify rosacea with rosacea pictures; that is, you shouldn’t just look at pictures of people with rosacea and try to diagnose your own condition yourself. Rather, make an appointment with your doctor or with a dermatologist to have your problem checked out as soon as you notice your symptoms. It’s the only way to get the effective treatment you need to make sure those adverse skin effects don’t become permanent. Having said that, if you want to see some photos yourself, you can try the following links:

An Effective Rosacea Treatment

While there is no one “cure,” per se, for the skin condition rosacea, there are a number of medical treatments that have been demonstrated to be an effective rosacea treatment. Of course, one case of rosacea can differ greatly from another case, and so every course of treatment is a little bit different. Your dermatologist will work with you to find just the right set of steps to solve your specific rosacea problem in order to help you find an effective rosacea treatment that works for you.

One course of action may involve isolating those substances that are triggering your rosacea. Such items include alcohol menthol, exfoliating substances, even peppermint. Once you know what might be causing your rosacea, you can reduce or eliminate your exposure to that material. For instance, if you know fragrance is a problem for you and your rosacea, you can choose fragrance-free makeup in the future. (Skin care and cosmetic products are often responsible for aggravating skin conditions.)

Your doctor might prescribe oral medications to fight your rosacea, too, especially if you’re finding many bumps and pimples forming on your face. Sometimes this kind of treatment will involve a patient taking oral medications for a short period of time, followed by his or her using a topical medication for a longer period of time to keep the rosacea symptoms at bay. If a patient does not seem to be responding to such treatments, a dermatologist may prescribe a strong prescription oral antibiotic to take care of the problem.

Lasers can also be employed in rosacea treatments. If you’re suffering from severe redness of the face, several sessions involving lasers or pulsed light beams, followed by a few touch-up sessions, might be the fastest path to a clear face which would prove to be an effective rosacea treatement.

In a small percentage of rosacea cases, the skin thickens and the nose changes shape, becoming bigger and more bulbous. Sometimes the only way to deal with this kind of severe situation is to undergo surgery. Surgery might mean electrosurgery, or surgery involving radiofrequency, or perhaps even a resculpturing of the nose or other part of the face with scissors. Sometimes more than one of these techniques are used in combination.

If rosacea has affected a person’s eyes, a condition known as ocular rosacea, then such treatments as artificial tears or special antibiotics might be used. A doctor could also suggest that a patient clean his or her eyes every day with a wet cloth dabbed with baby shampoo.